Winter Storm to Bring 1-2 Feet of Snow Over the Weekend of March 12

March 12, 2021 at 8:36 am

Snow is definitely on the way, and lots of it according to the forecast. City staff is continuing to watch the weather closely and prepare the best we can. Snowplows and other equipment are ready to get to work as soon as the snow starts falling.

With this much snow, our number one goal trying to get and stay ahead of the snowfall, especially considering we could be seeing a couple of inches per hour at times. This, coupled with wind that causes blowing/drifting snow and reduced visibility, will make for difficult and hazardous travel conditions.

Please limit your travel this weekend if possible.

Official sources are predicting that we'll start to see snow accumulation late tonight/early morning Saturday. Snow will continue through most of the weekend.

Snow Safety Reminders

We want you to stay safe! Keep in mind:

  • Should heavy snow and unsafe conditions occur, keep travel to a minimum.
  • Give our snowplow operators ample space, and remember that they have the right-of-way.
  • Refrain from parking on the street to help our snowplow drivers do their jobs most effectively and ensure your vehicle doesn't get blocked in by plowed snow.
  • Track snowplow progress online to see which streets have already been cleared.
  • Residents are responsible for snow removal on personal property; keeping sidewalks clear of snow not only helps pedestrian travel, but it's also City Code.
  • Get your grocery shopping done before the snow starts falling! While you don't need to stockpile supplies because of the short duration, you won't want to venture out during the storm.