Vandalism In Our Community

April 24, 2020 at 6:49 pm

The City of Castle Pines is home to several parks with access to trails and open space.

Over the past several weeks, vandalism seems to be on the rise in our community. The City has received multiple reports of damage to Elk Ridge Park bathrooms, picnic areas and benches.

Even during these turbulent times when many are feeling frustrated and growing impatient under the Stay-At-Home Order, we must remind ourselves - and one another - to take pride in our community. Vandalism to public space ruins the overall park experience and requires the use of your tax dollars for repairs.

Let’s encourage each other to keep Castle Pines beautiful and take pride in our community. If you come across vandalism while enjoying the City’s parks and trails, contact the Douglas County Sheriff or the City of Castle Pines.

If you or someone you know witnesses damage or has information regarding vandalism damage, contact Douglas County Sheriff.