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Road Solutions: A Plan of Action for all Streets

The City started full reconstruction on Castle Pines Parkway in June. The first half‐mile section between Monarch Boulevard and Yorkshire Drive is anticipated to be complete in December 2021. This segment was prioritized for replacement due to failing pavement conditions and the opportunity to pair the project with the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District's waterline replacement project. All traffic has now shifted to the east side of Castle Pines Parkway for the second phase of construction in the westbound lanes. Two more priority road projects are slated for 2022, pending City Council review and approval. The first project will reconstruct over a half‐mile segment of Castle Pines Parkway from Yorkshire Drive to Village Square Drive. Improvements include removing and replacing failing concrete pavement, adding bike lanes, upsizing drainage facilities, and expanding the Lagae Road intersection to provide additional turn lanes. The second effort will rehabilitate Monarch Boulevard from Winter Berry Drive to the northern city limits. Damaged concrete panels will be replaced and staff is looking at widening the current on‐street bike lanes and making drainage improvements.

The City’s Public Works Director, Larry Nimmo shared that “Our annual roads budget is about $4.6 million with most of it going towards permanent improvements on Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard for the foreseeable future. Historically, most of our roads budget was spent on residential and collector street asphalt resurfacing. Starting with the overhaul of the Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard intersection in 2019, we're investing heavily in our main thoroughfares.”

Project funding will come from a variety of sources including the federal recovery grant. The City plans to advertise these projects for competitive bid in early 2022.

The City Council has tentatively supported the 2022 proposed Monarch Boulevard and Castle Pines Parkway road projects to move forward. The City Council is scheduled to consider the adoption of the 2022 budget as well as these projects on December 14, 2021. 


Next Steps and Future Planning

Since the voters said no in 2021 to an increase in taxes and borrowing to fund road repairs, the City has been actively pursuing alternative funding options to significantly accelerate construction without additional taxes on the citizens of Castle Pines. This solution involves partnerships that Council has built at all levels of government, from Douglas County and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) to CDOT to federal grants and programs. The funding secured through these partnerships will allow the City to complete five more major road projects as well as perform preventative maintenance in seven areas of Castle Pines through 2026.

By taking an aggressive approach, the city plans to achieve the following in the next four to five years:

  • Complete the work as quickly as possible to get city infrastructure back on track while preventing construction zone fatigue and frustration for citizens. As residents are experiencing, road construction takes time.
  • Be adaptable and flexible for seasonal construction and budgetary cycles.
  • Proactively communicate when and where improvements are occurring as funding becomes solidified for each effort.
  • Maximize the life of our entire roadway system by allocating funding for meaningful maintenance improvements along residential streets while these major arterials are being improved.


Keep checking back for new tools and resources that we will be adding to keep our citizens informed as we make progress on our Plan of Action.


The City will release more information about the plan over the coming weeks.


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