Re-painting Traffic Lanes Begins May 13

May 7, 2020 at 9:08 am

Street striping begins May 13, 2020 (weather permitting)

The 2020 street striping program will begin next week. The first phase of the program includes the centerline and edge line on many of the City’s main, arterial/collector roads (see list below).

The paint is applied using a specialized truck and this paint usually dries quickly. Please respect the traffic cones placed to protect the striping as it dries to avoid distributing paint on the road or getting it splattered on your car. If there are cones on the road, then the paint is still wet.

The current planned list of streets includes:

  • Castle Pines Pkwy - from east side city limits (bridge east of town) to West end roundabout
  • Monarch - from Shoreham to northern city limits
  • Yorkshire - from Monarch to Berkshire Lane
  • Lagae - from Castle Pines Pkwy to the roundabout
  • Hidden Point Blvd - near Serena Dr.
  • Buffalo Trail - from Monarch to Castle Pines Pkwy
  • Daniels Gate - from Monarch to Griggs Road
  • Griggs Rd. - from Daniels Gate to City limits
  • Forest Park Dr - from Castle Pines Pkwy
  • Oxford Dr - from Castle Pines  Pkwy to Monarch

The second phase of the work includes the handwork at many of the major intersections which involves the crosswalks, arrows, word legends, bike symbols, stop bars and other various handwork items on some of these roads.

Your cooperation is appreciated.