Light Poles Replaced Along Castle Pines Parkway

July 14, 2020 at 9:40 pm

The City removed and replaced 19 light poles along Castle Pines Parkway.

Construction in our City is underway from road repairs, to sidewalks, to light poles. In June, through a partnership with IREA, 19 fiberglass light poles along Castle Pines Parkway were removed and replaced with new black steel breakaway poles, new wiring, and concrete bases.

The previous fiberglass poles were installed over 30 years ago without a sub-base foundation. The lack of a solid foundation to hold the poles in position were becoming a greater concern over time and much more so during high-wind events. In addition, the poles and the wiring have sustained severe wear-and-tear since the original installation.

The new poles are expected to last over 40 years and allow easy access for future repairs and maintenance. The total project cost is estimated to be 200K, with IREA and the City of Castle Pines each paying half.