Runoff Drain With Leaves

Help Keep our Waterways Clean

May 8, 2019 at 10:00 am

Stormwater runoff is one of the main sources of water pollution in the nation. By taking action together, we can improve water quality, beautify local waterways and create healthy ecosystems for wildlife to thrive.

As communities grow and become more developed with roads, parking lots, buildings and homes, there is more opportunity for stormwater to become polluted. When rain falls onto paved surfaces or rooftops, it becomes runoff and drains into a storm inlet or ditch which flows untreated into a nearby creek or river.
So, let's learn how we can keep our water safe and clean!

How you can help protect our water:

  • Keep it out of the inlet: Grass clippings, leaves, dog waste, oil and paint are all pollutants
  • Read the label: Over-fertilizing can hurt your lawn and the water
  • Pick it up: Dog waste is a sneaky source of bacteria in our waterways
  • Consider car washes: Commercial car washes remove oil from the wash water
  • Vehicle maintenance: Small fluid leaks can add up to big trouble
  • Household chemicals: Store hazardous chemicals in a shed, garage, or somewhere out of the rain
  • Trash also counts: Trash is also a huge source of water pollution, so keep it in the can
  • Get involved: Find local stormwater programs and events in your community