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City Council Members

There are six council members that serve Castle Pines—two for each district, with staggered four-year terms. Read more about your council representatives below.

Castle Pines Mayor

The Castle Pines mayor is at the head of city government and represents the community as a whole. The mayor presides over all City Council meetings using an agenda.

Mayor Tracy Engerman is the Fourth person to hold this position in the city.

City Council Districts

Castle Pines is divided into three Council districts of about 3,500 residents each.

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District 1:
District 2:
District 3:

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Castle Pines Voting District 1

District 1

Approximate population: 3,665

Castle Pines Voting District 2

District 2

Approximate population: 3,783

Castle Pines Voting District 3

District 3

Approximate population: 3,780