Castle Pines City Council 2021 Priorities

The City Council held their annual retreat and the results from that conversation reflect community priorities and provide clear direction to City staff on the focus for 2021.

The following priorities are the 2021 lines of effort to implement the City Council’s vision for the City: Castle Pines is an inclusive and unified Colorado community that embraces our unique neighborhood character, creates outdoor and active lifestyle living amenities, and supports conscientious development where we live, work, play, and shop.

In implementing these priorities, the Council is committed to taking a proactive approach to the implementation of our vision through thoughtful and intentional actions.

City Council Priorities

Roads and Long-term Transportation Funding

The Council acknowledges that our City roads have aged and investing in our existing infrastructure must be a top priority. To that end, 2021 work will include:

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  • The development of a long-term Road Repair plan that includes a focus on the reconstruction of Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch along with a comprehensive plan for the regular maintenance of secondary and tertiary roads.
  • Improved community outreach with the plan, timing, and priorities of road repairs.
  • Working collaboratively with the community to determine a dedicated road/transportation funding source.
    • Once a decision is made upon an appropriate funding mechanism, develop a plan for successfully attaining a dedicated funding source.
  • Develop an annual plan, based upon the long-term road plan that is clear and concise.
  • Incorporate connectivity and multi-model opportunities into planning efforts.
  • Focus on grant opportunities for all road and related projects to offset costs.

Economic Development

The success of our local business community is key to the success of the overall community. Council believes economic development should be a key focus in 2021. The Council supports:

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  • A review and update of the City’s Economic Development Action Plan.
  • A targeted focus to engage our business community to determine how the City can work with the private sector to increase the overall success of the business community.
  • Completing a comprehensive evaluation of City code, policies, and processes, to ensure a business-friendly atmosphere and to create an environment for intentional and thoughtful development.
  • Expanding the City’s role in partnership with the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce to include an economic development toolkit, improve relationships, and expand outreach.
  • Developing a proactive communication plan that celebrates the achievements of the businesses and creates a demand for Castle Pines.
  • Creating a development plan that merges business growth with residential and commercial growth with targets and actions for one, five, ten, and 20 years out.
  • Improving revenue tracking and connect that with commercial development and business growth.
  • Taking a proactive role in the recruitment of businesses identified as meeting the needs of the community.

Communications Strategy

Council would like to continue to improve communications and engagement in 2021. As an initial commitment to meeting this priority, Council approved a full-time, in-house Communications & Engagement Manager for hire in 2021. Areas of focus include:

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  • Development of a focused, integrated, and consistent communications strategy.
  • Communication plans that include creating the community of Castle Pines and welcoming new residents.
  • Improved consistent communications across all platforms and media with a targeted communications efforts for all City action.
  • A focus on improved community engagement.
  • Strategies and communications that specifically focus on what Council wants to accomplish.

Municipal Facility

Council acknowledged the need for municipal and civic space within the community and supports:

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  • Developing a plan that brings together all the available information and conveys the background, analysis, the need for a permanent home.
  • Communicating a timeline for the Council decision points, construction, and operations budget, funding, identified construction start date,  and completion date.
  • Frequent communication updates to Council and the community.
  • Resolution of the ownership and allowable use for Lot 2 to address the Council goal of a civic place including a community garden.

Gateway Project

Establishing gateways in and out of the City contributes to creating a sense of place and community. 2021 efforts will include:

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  • Proceeding with the CDOT permitting process for the I-25/Castle Pines Parkway bridge gateway.
  • Staff to present proposal for a gateway feature before the third quarter for Council review.
  • Developing a communications plan so the public understands the gateway project including intent and outcomes, specifically:
    • Welcoming to people.
    • Maintaining awareness that both sides of I-25 are the City of Castle Pines.
    • Ultimately increasing property values and adding to business economic value.

Creating a Sense of Place that is Castle Pines

Council supports work that continues to build the community of Castle Pines. Creating a place where residents – new and existing – can live, work and play includes:

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  • Developing options for a community building where people can gather and have public use space.
  • Developing a plan to develop and grow with intention and with deliberate integration of the entire boundaries of the City.
  • Development of a plan for community events in 2021 with a focus on growing events over time.
  • Incorporating a new resident welcome effort as a component of building a sense of community.
  • Preparing a priority list of actionable items in service of creating a sense of place and community and present it for Council for consideration.

The City Council identified priorities above align with three overarching fundamental concentration areas for the upcoming years.

Operational Directives

In addition to the above priorities, Council developed a list of directives for Staff to complete in 2021.

Redistricting to Reflect Growth

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  • Develop a plan with benchmarks for how and when to redistrict. This effort would support building community and identity and would ensure the inclusion of new community residents.

Public Safety

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  • Conduct a public safety audit to assess current conditions and future needs.
  • Develop a long-range law enforcement plan, in conjunction with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office that accounts for residential and commercial community growth.
  • Develop a communications plan to support these efforts.

Transition of Open Space and Utility Services

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  • Partner with the Castle Pines North Metro District (CPNMD) on their inclusion into Parker Water and Sanitation District.
  • Partner with CPNMD in the analysis and development of a proposal to transition the remaining assets and responsibilities of the CPNMD to the City. A few items to be included in the plan and proposal include, but are not limited to:
    • A firm understanding of respective costs between City and District and future maintenance.
    • Clear ownership documents
    • Development of a timeline
    • A communications plan must be developed in partnership with the other agencies for this effort to be successful.

Adopt a Strategic Approach to City Actions

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  • Develop plans and charters for Council priorities that include potential hurdles, the need for funding, timelines, communications, and other resources necessary for the successful development and implementation of Council priorities.