2017 Ordinances

17-07 Amending Section 23a And Associated Definitions In Section 36 Of The Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance Regarding Limits On The Number Of Marijuana Plants Permitted In Residential Structures

17-06 Approving the Lague Ranch Planned Development, First Major Amendment (Formerly Known as the Second Major Amendment), Case No. ZR17-001, and Amending the Official Zoning Map

17-05 Repealing and Re-enacting Section 27a and Amending Section 27, Section 36, Definitions, of the City of Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance Concerning Wireless Communications Facilities and Declaring an Emergency

17-04 Approving the Lagae Ranch Planned Development & Amending the Official Zoning Map (Failed)

17-03 Amending Chapter 7, Concerning the Addidtion of a New Article Entitled "Beekeeping"

17-02 Approving a Non-Exclusive Franchise and Franchise Agreement with the Black Hills/Colorado Gas Utility Company, LP D/B/A Black Hills Energy to Allow the Use of City Streets for the Provision fo Natural Gas Utility Service to the City and its Residents

17-01 Amending Section 26, Concerning the Board of Adjustment and Variance Procedures, and Section 33, Concerning the Planning Commission, of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Castle Pines to Increase Membership