Census 2020 Now Available Online

March 24, 2020 at 8:44 pm

The 2020 Census is happening now, and, for the first time, you can participate on-line in the comfort of your home.

Every ten years, the Census counts everyone living in the country.  Usually, a questionnaire is mailed to homes and a fleet of doorknockers, known as enumerators, hired by the Census Bureau, visit homes to help complete the Census.  By now, you should have received a letter in the mail with your Census ID.

To participate from the comfort of your home,  logon to 2020census.gov from your smartphone, mobile device or computer, enter your Census ID and begin participating.

Your participation will help shape your community, determine how much money and resources go towards your schools, hospitals, and other civic services.  Going online and answering a few questions will contribute to resources for the next ten years. Your online participation will also help determine how many representatives each state gets and where district boundaries are drawn.

For every person counted, funding up to $2,300 per person, your community will receive money toward civic services, every year, for the next ten years.

Go online, be counted!  You count! Every person in your house counts! Your community deserves to be counted! Respond by April 1, and contribute to the future of your City.

Click here  to begin your participation.