Castle Pines’ First Outdoor Fitness Court Scheduled to Open

October 18, 2019 at 2:33 pm

On Saturday, October 26 at 2:00 p.m., the City of Castle Pines will open its first outdoor fitness space at Elk Ridge Park.

The event will include a ribbon cutting, fitness court orientation, and local ambassador-led mini workouts with residents, the Mayor, and members of City Council.

The Fitness Court includes a seven circuit training system specifically designed for adults of all ages and abilities and may be used by groups or individually with workout plans, routine instructions, and classes through a mobile app for iOS and Android — all for free.

"This is an exciting step in the continuing evolution of our community," stated Mayor Tera Radloff. "On behalf of the City Council, I would like to thank the Douglas County Commissioners for 20 years of parks and recreation support in our community. I'd also like to thank Councilmember Deborah Mulvey, CPNMD Director Denise Crew and the Parks Authority board of directors, including David Necker, Joan Millspaugh, Tom Weldon and Randy Burkhardt for their thoughtful and collaborative approach to the asset transfer and termination of the Parks Authority. Without their involvement and dedication, we wouldn't be starting this endeavor on such a positive trajectory."

The installation is part of the City’s efforts to add additional recreation opportunities to its residents with funds from its parks and recreation services formerly known as the Castle Pines Parks Authority.

Earlier this year, City Council voted unanimously to transfer the parks and recreation services from Castle Pines Parks Authority to the City. Before the shift in responsibilities and funds, Parks Authority transferred $125,000 raising the total funds to nearly $720,000.

"This was a collaborative effort by the Parks Authority Board," stated Councilmember Deborah Mulvey. "The City Council, Metropolitan District, and Master HOA worked together to select the best option that serves the community and ensures these funds are stewarded in the best way for our residents, without delay."

The City is delivering its promise to residents in bringing accessible facilities to the community.

Download the fitness app at for free access to workout routines.