38% of Colorado Households Have Self-Responded to the 2020 Census

April 1, 2020 at 2:51 pm

By now each resident should have received the letter which gives them access to participate in Census 2020. In fact, a new survey indicates, 38% of Colorado households have already self-responded to the 2020 Census, with Douglas County having the highest participants . Check out this MAP to track response rates.

Online participation helps conserve resources, saves taxpayer money, and helps process the data more efficiently.  If you don’t participate online, you will be mailed a paper questionnaire in a few weeks that you are required to complete and mail back.

Wondering if your information has been applied to the correct city?  The Census Bureau recognizes that the Post Office “city” name associated with a particular ZIP Code in the mailing address for a residence may differ from the legal municipality or district in which the housing unit is actually located. The Census Bureau uses the physical location of a housing unit to assign it to the proper geographic areas.

Participation in Census 2020 is required by law and helps determine where Federal funding will be allocated for the next 10 years, along with drawing congressional and state legislative districts and determining the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives.

It has never been easier to participate, whether online, by phone, or by mail. We encourage Coloradans to self-respond as soon as possible and make Colorado the state with the highest 2020 Census self-response rate in the nation!

Go to my2020census.gov to enter your Census ID securely complete the questionnaire online. It’s fast, easy, and your information is completely confidential!